Which Ensemble Films Should Be Remade With All-Female Casts?

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Vote up the films that you'd most like to see remade with a cast of femme fatales.

When it comes to ensemble films, male-dominated casts have certainly had their fair share of the spotlight. From action films to comedies to dramas, male characters have made their mark as leaders in the ensemble movie trend, almost guaranteeing filmmakers box office success in the process. These bad-boy casts have become an essential piece of the ensemble film-making puzzle, with movies as diverse as Goodfellas and National Lampoon's Animal House featuring all-star casts of male actors that skyrocketed them to the top of the charts.

Yet, what if we were to re-imagine some of these films with a cast of leading ladies instead? Which ones would make the cut, and maybe even surpass their male-led counterparts? Would the substitution of a female cast of characters alter the plot line beyond recognition, or give the original some stiff competition?

Vote up the films you'd like to see remade with some empowered leading ladies; and vote down those that Hollywood should probably just let be.

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