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Movies That Should Have Ended Two Scenes Earlier Than They Did

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List RulesVote up the films you agree would have been better overall if they had cut the fat and rolled credits a few scenes sooner.

Have you ever seen a movie that's pretty darn good almost all the way through, only to squander its potential by lasting too long or taking a shaky turn in the closing moments? This list is committed to cataloging those movies. It's not about terrible endings, it's about one-two punch moments that leave a bad taste in your mouth. All the movies listed herein could be vastly improved by dropping their last two scenes or sequences from all future physical and streaming editions and film prints. These are films that went on too long. 

That said, all of the movies listed fall under the qualitative header "pretty good." You might be inclined to call some of them great. The moviegoing public and film critics certainly agree that some of these films are straight up classics. But that doesn't change the fact that these are films that should have ended earlier than they did. The cinephiles out there know there are few things more frustrating than potentially great movies where the ending should have come sooner - or scenes drawn out longer than they had to be.

Be warned: spoilers (obviously) abound.