Movies That Should Never Be Remade

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Vote up the movies that are perfect just the way they are and should never, ever be remade.

Some of the worst Hollywood movies of all time happened because an executive somewhere decided it would be a great money making venture to remake some of the greatest movies of all time (*cough*Psycho*cough*). The classic movies on this list of movies that shouldn't be remade are revered because they are inimitable, yet somehow, movie executives keep dredging their vaults and resurrecting movies that were already brilliant in misguided efforts to make them "better" (well, probably just to make money, let's be real). 

The scary thing about making a list of movies that should not be remade is the possibility that a decision maker somewhere will see the list and decide it's the perfect place to start looking for new movie ideas. There are sadly some movies, like The Blues Brothers, The Karate Kid, and The Wizard of Oz, that cannot be included on a list of films that shouldn't be redone. 

What classic movies should never be remade? What film will Hollywood ruin next? These classic films are on this movies that should not be remade list because they were amazing the first time around and don't need to be "improved". Vote for the movies you could never imagine being inhabited by a new cast and add any great movies that shouldn't be redone that might be missing.
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