6 Controversial Movies That Started International Incidents

There have been plenty of controversial films that were banned in several countries. However, only a few movies have caused international incidents or resulted in real-life violence. These banned movies that caused worldwide problems.

Where’s the line between art and glorified violence? What one spectator clearly sees as a movie satirizing violent culture may trigger complete outrage in another viewer. One film on this list sparked so many violent copycat crimes that the director himself banned his own movie in his home country while another film on this list was considered so obscene by a court in Italy that its director was prosecuted and his civil right of voting was revoked for five years. Interestingly, both of those films were nominated for multiple Academy Awards.

Many of these films that caused problems are still banned around the world. You won’t see The Interview anytime soon in North Korea. In fact, Kim Jong-un was so outraged by the comedy that it (allegedly) resulted in the notorious Sony hack. Read all about that controversial movie and more in the list below.