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Movies That Turned 20 in 2019

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List RulesVote up the movies that came out in 1999 that you still enjoy today.

Take a trip down memory lane with this list of movies that turned 20 in 2019. Featuring epic war dramas, cult classics, well-made comedies, and some of the greatest movies of all time, the best 1999 films will remind you how well older movies have aged (or not) throughout the decades. What is your favorite movie that turned 20 years old in 2019?  

When ranking the movies that came out 20 years ago, you can expect to see movies that are classics, like The Matrix, Fight Club, and Office Space, at the top. Other memorable 1999 movies include Magnolia, The Sixth Sense, Iron Giant, The Mummy, and The Talented Mr. Ripley.

While American Beauty won Best Picture at the 72nd Academy Awards, the 1999 Oscars celebrated other great films such as Being John Malkovich, Cider House Rules, Boys Don't Cry, and The Green Mile.

Vote up the best films released in 1999, and celebrate these movies turning 20 with another rewatch.

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