Movies That Were Completely Changed at the Last Minute

A lot of people work on a movie. There are the actors, directors, writers, cinematographers, and editors. Then, there are also studio executives and producers. Not too many directors in Hollywood have final say on every facet of their movie. Sometimes at the very last minute, a studio head will say, “the movie is too violent,” or “this needs to be more family-friendly.” Studio executives are just one reason why there are last minute movie changes, as these movies that were completely changed at the last minute show.

Imagine Tom Hanks playing Jerry Maguire or Winona Ryder as Mary Corleone in The Godfather III. Maybe audiences wouldn’t have bought nice-guy Hanks as a power-hungry sports agent? Perhaps if Winona Ryder stayed with the part of Mary Corleone, critics would have been kinder to the film, because they were not concentrating on Sofia Coppola's wooden performance.

Sometimes movie scripts changed at the last minute can be good, but other times they can totally ruin a film. I Am Legend could have gone down as one of the best plot twists in film history if studio executives had not asked for rewrites. Daredevil could have possibly become Marvel’s next great superhero franchise if 20th Century Fox had not asked the writers to make the film shorter and less dark.

There are many films that were changed at the last minute, for better or worse. Let everyone in the comments section know about any big time last minute changes that you think totally affected a film, or any other cool last minute alteration movie trivia.