Movies That Won Best Picture at the Oscars and Golden Globes

A list of films that received both the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award as the Best Picture of the year. The Golden Globes (awarded yearly by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association) are a good indicator as to what movies will be honored at the Oscar ceremony, usually held a month or so later. However, it is not always an exact match. In some cases, the Golden Globes will choose films with more popular, mass appeal, while the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science gives Oscars will focus more on prestige, honoring films that were hits with both fans and movie critics.

It's notable that, unlike the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes honor the Best Pictures in two categories - dramas and musicals/comedies. The Oscars combine all genres into a single "Best Picture of the Year" prize. This list includes films that won either of the main Golden Globe awards and also the Oscar for Best Picture.

NOTE: The Academy Awards were first distributed in 1927, while the Golden Globe ceremony didn't begin until 1943. So no films were eligible for this list before 1943.