15 Times Movies Took The Actors Completely By Surprise

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List includes movies where actors were genuinely surprised by an element of the film - the script, special effects, a prop

Films cost a lot of money to make. With the possible exception of the comedy, most films tend to stick to the script in order to finish production on time. But sometimes a director or an actor doesn’t adhere strictly to the script. For a variety of reasons, they go rogue. Here are 15 movies where actors were surprised.

Most of the time these surprises are a direct result of a director simply wanting to get an honest reaction. Sometimes the best acting is not acting at all but reacting to something that is totally unexpected. For example, Ridley Scott wanted his actors to be truly terrified when an alien suddenly burst out of John Hurt’s chest in the sci-fi movie Alien. Scott did not tell any of the actors except Hurt about his master plan, so the fear and shock we see on their faces in the film is totally authentic.

Unfortunately, Veronica Cartwright was so shocked by the alien that she fainted. There are a few items on this list that feature a director going way over the line in the name of art. Tippi Hedren had to go to the hospital during the filming of The Birds because Hitchcock suddenly decided to use real birds instead of mechanical ones. Three extras died during the filming of Noah’s Ark when director Michael Curtiz failed to tell the actors that gallons of water were going to be poured on them during the film’s climatic flood scene.

Most of the time, the surprise works for the benefit of the film and nobody gets hurt. Check out these actors who were surprised by movies and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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