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Movies Where the Director Was Fired in the Middle of Production

Updated 15 Sep 2017 9.6k views15 items

Making a film is a long and arduous process. From script to screen, it can months, years, or even decades to before your vision is complete. Part of this process comes in hiring the movie's crew – and perhaps no decision is more important than choosing the right director. Most of the time, producers make the correct choice and hire a director that fits the needs of the production. But sometimes they get it very, very wrong. Here are 15 directors fired during production.

Some of the situations on the set of these movies where the director was fired were straightforward. Perhaps the producers felt that the director was moving too slowly and needed to find a change of pace behind the camera. Or, maybe the director did not get along with the star of the movie and adjustments needed to be made before fireworks erupted on set. But sometimes the crew parted ways for reasons bordering on the absurd. Believe it or not, one of the directors who got fired on this list was canned because he kept referring to the movie's antagonist as a whale instead of a shark.

It's never easy to make a major change in the middle of a movie's production. Sometimes the change is for the better, and sometimes it actually hurts the box office and critical success of a movie. Read about these 15 movies where the director got fired in the middle of filming and share your opinions in the comments section below.

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