Fans Are Pointing Out Movies Where The Moral Makes No Sense

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Movies usually have morals: lessons that the audience are meant to take away from the film and learn from. Usually it's meant to show what's right or wrong, and give guidence on how you should live your life (or not). 

However, there are times when the morals of movies simply don't make sense - either because the message seems questionable in itself, or the movie doesn't correctly reflect the moral, or the movie was trying to promote a certain moral but there was a bigger takeaway that wasn't intentional. 

Below, fans have pointed out movies where they think the moral doesn't make sense, and some of them we hadn't ever considered before (but can't get out of our mind now). Vote up the ones you agree with most!

  • From Redditor u/Witchymuggle:

    A man can emotionally and physically abuse you as long as he's rich and pretty. 

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  • From Redditor u/ThePlatinumEagle:

    Kylo Ren's redemption feels half assed and unearned to me. This is the same man who was willing to kill his father to become more evil. He knowingly and willingly killed his own flesh and blood, something even Vadar wasn't willing to do. You're not going to convince me that love is what redeemed him. 

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    The Karate Kid
    Photo: The Karate Kid

    From Redditor u/Chaosmusic:

    80 minutes explaining how fighting doesn't solve your problems, followed by a 10 minute fight that solves all his problems. 

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    From Redditor u/ASTROoctopus:

    They spend the whole movie showing that the world isn't black and white, like Diana grew up thinking, in the midst of one of the most morally-gray wars in modern history. Even Chris Pine, one of the main characters, is shown to act in a morally gray manner from time to time and repeatedly tried to convince Diana that the world is more complicated than pure good and pure evil. A great concept for a superhero movie to explore, the idea that sometimes there isn't some big bad guy that you can punch to victory. So what does this movie do? 

    They make Ares a real person with a stupid moustache, who Diana has to punch to death, after which the Germans and Americans immediately stop fighting and hold hands in harmony. What could've been a really interesting concept had they committed to it, was ruined. 

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  • From former Redditor u/deleted:

    X-Men: The Last Stand tries to uniformly present the ani-mutant cure as being inherently evil, despite the fact that there are a lot of mutations that are legitimately dangerous to oneself and to others. At one point, Storm (a mutant who can control the weather with Godlike precision) tries to say that mutants need to accept themselves and love themselves, and that the cure is wrong... and she says this to Rogue, a mutant who kills people by touching them.

    It's been talked about with X-Men in general, but it's sort of a fundamental failing of the franchise that they try to equate minority status to people gifted with extraordinary powers, some of which genuinely dangerous and have little to no control of their powers. 

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    From former Redditor u/[deleted]:

    The guy who cheats and lies and takes performance enhancing drugs that the movie goes to great length to show will either f**k your life up or actually kill you, is victorious in the end. Not because he learns his lesson and works hard to achieve his goals, or realizes he's happy with what he has as a normal guy, but because the drugs become permanent and he doesn't have to steal them anymore. It doesn't have an ambiguous ending, he foils the antagonist's plan and the audience is supposed to cheer at his triumph at the end. He takes dangerous drugs to cheat his way into being better than a normal person, gets addicted to them, and has withdrawals when he loses his supply, but in the end gets to keep all the positive effects and everything works out incredibly well for him. 

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