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11 Movies That Almost Had Much Happier Endings (But We're So Glad They Didn't)

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Lots of movies have alternate endings. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes test audiences reject the original ending, prompting filmmakers to go shoot a new one. National Lampoon's Vacation and Pretty in Pink are two of the most famous examples. Other times, filmmakers choose to shoot multiple endings, either to prevent spoilers from leaking out - which can't be done when no one knows which one will be chosen - or because they simply want to give themselves storytelling options in the editing room. In some cases, the studio will even mandate a new ending for a movie because they fear the existing one will diminish the box office returns.

The following movies all went through one of these situations. The difference is that they dodged the proverbial bullet. In each instance, the unused alternate ending was a happy one, whereas the one that went out into theaters was considerably darker. Although happy endings are generally viewed as being preferable, these films actually benefited from not going all puppy dogs and rainbows at the end. Had they kept the happy endings, they would not have made the same impact on viewers. 

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