film Movies with Cinematography by David Greene

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List of all films where David Greene, cinematographer, did the cinematography. This list of David Greene films/movies is sorted alphabetically and includes trailers of the movies when available. While this isn't necessarily a list of all David Greene movies it does include the most popular ones. The films on this list include both big blockbusters and smaller indie films, but the commonality is that all of these movies were shot by David Greene.

List features people like Defendor, Tennessee and more!

This list can help answer the questions, "Who is David Greene?" and "What movies did David Greene shoot?"

Almost all David Greene cinematography credits are included. While they usually don't operate the camera, cinematographers like David Greene are said to have "shot" films. Cinematographers, better known as DPs, have the final say for any lighting and framing during the filming of the movie. These are the most famous movies where David Greene did the cinematography. Use this factual list to make a whole new one just like it, then re-rank it to fit your opinion. (8 items)

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Century Hotel Mia Kirshner, Lindy Booth, Sandrine Holt

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Defendor Kat Dennings, Woody Harrelson, Sandra Oh

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Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story Flex Alexander, Eugene Clark, Brooklynn Proulx

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Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story Jamie Foxx, Lee Thompson Young, C. C. H. Pounder

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Tennessee Mariah Carey, Melissa Benoist, Lance Reddick

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The Dive from Clausen's Pier Michelle Trachtenberg, Sean Maher, Will Estes

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The Entitled Laura Vandervoort, Ray Liotta, Tatiana Maslany

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Touch & Go Ellen Page, Jeff Douglas, Joseph Rutten