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Movies with Cinematography by Marcel Zyskind

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List of all films where Marcel Zyskind, cinematographer, did the cinematography. This list of Marcel Zyskind films/movies is sorted alphabetically and includes trailers of the movies when available. While this isn't necessarily a list of all Marcel Zyskind movies it does include the most popular ones. The films on this list include both big blockbusters and smaller indie films, but the commonality is that all of these movies were shot by Marcel Zyskind.

People include everyone from A Cock and Bull Story to A Mighty Heart.

This list can help answer the questions, "Who is Marcel Zyskind?" and "What movies did Marcel Zyskind shoot?"

Almost all Marcel Zyskind cinematography credits are included. While they usually don't operate the camera, cinematographers like Marcel Zyskind are said to have "shot" films. Cinematographers, better known as DPs, have the final say for any lighting and framing during the filming of the movie. These are the most famous movies where Marcel Zyskind did the cinematography. You may copy this factual list to build your own just like it, re-rank it to fit your opinions, then publish it to share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks you use on a regular basis. {#nodes}
  • 9 Songs

    Alex Kapranos, Margo Stilley


    Directed byMichael Winterbottom

    9 Songs is a 2004 British art romantic drama film written and directed by Michael Winterbottom. The title refers to the nine songs played by eight different rock bands that complement the story of...  more
  • A Cock and Bull Story

    Gillian Anderson, Stephen Fry


    Directed byMichael Winterbottom

    This film is a 2005 British comedy film directed by Michael Winterbottom. It is a film-within-a-film, featuring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon playing themselves as egotistical actors during the making...  more
  • A Mighty Heart

    Angelina Jolie, Archie Panjabi


    Directed byMichael Winterbottom

    A Mighty Heart is a 2007 drama film directed by Michael Winterbottom; It is an adaptation of Mariane Pearl's memoir, A Mighty Heart. A Mighty Heart was met with relatively positive reviews from both...  more
  • Bullet Boy

    Ashley Walters, Des Hamilton


    Directed bySaul Dibb

    Bullet Boy is a 2004 British drama film directed by Saul Dibb, written by Saul Dibb and Catherine Johnson, and stars Ashley Walters. The film’s original music was composed and performed by Robert Del...  more

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  • Code 46

    Tim Robbins, Samantha Morton


    Directed byMichael Winterbottom

    Code 46 is a 2003 British film directed by Michael Winterbottom, with screenplay by Frank Cottrell Boyce. It was produced by BBC Films and Revolution Films. It is a disquieting science fiction love...  more
  • Everyday

    John Simm, Shirley Henderson


    Directed byMichael Winterbottom

    Seven Days is a 2012 drama film written by Laurence Coriat and Michael Winterbottom and directed by Michael Winterbottom....  more
  • In This World

    Nabil Elouahabi, Paul Popplewell


    Directed byMichael Winterbottom

    In This World is a 2002 British docudrama directed by Michael Winterbottom. The film follows two young Afghan refugees, Jamal Udin Torabi and Enayatullah, as they leave a refugee camp in Pakistan for...  more
  • Mammoth

    Michelle Williams, Gael García Bernal


    Directed byLukas Moodysson

    Mammoth is a 2009 Swedish film directed by Lukas Moodysson, about a successful New York couple experiencing conditions related to modern day globalization. The couple is played by Gael García Bernal...  more
  • Mister Lonely

    Joseph Morgan, Samantha Morton


    Directed byHarmony Korine

    Mister Lonely is a 2007 comedy-drama film directed by Harmony Korine, and co-written with his brother Avi Korine. The film is an international co-production between the UK, France, Ireland, and the...  more
  • The Killer Inside Me

    Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson


    Directed byMichael Winterbottom

    This film is a 2010 American film adaptation of the 1952 novel of the same name by Jim Thompson. The film is directed by Michael Winterbottom and stars Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, and Kate Hudson. ...  more

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  • The Road to Guantanamo

    Riz Ahmed, Jason Salkey


    Directed byMichael Winterbottom, Mat Whitecross

    The Road to Guantánamo, alternatively The Road to Guantanamo, is a British 2006 docudrama film directed by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross about the incarceration of three British citizens,...  more
  • Trishna

    Freida Pinto, Huma Qureshi


    Directed byMichael Winterbottom

    Trishna is a 2011 British-Swedish-Indian drama film, written and directed by Michael Winterbottom, and starring Freida Pinto and Riz Ahmed. The story is a loose adaptation of Thomas Hardy's novel...  more