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Movies with Cinematography by Rogier Stoffers

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List of all films where Rogier Stoffers, cinematographer, did the cinematography. This list of Rogier Stoffers films/movies is sorted alphabetically and includes trailers of the movies when available. While this isn't necessarily a list of all Rogier Stoffers movies it does include the most popular ones. The films on this list include both big blockbusters and smaller indie films, but the commonality is that all of these movies were shot by Rogier Stoffers.

This list is made up of a variety of people, including School of Rock and Disturbia.

This list can help answer the questions, "Who is Rogier Stoffers?" and "What movies did Rogier Stoffers shoot?"

Almost all Rogier Stoffers cinematography credits are included. While they usually don't operate the camera, cinematographers like Rogier Stoffers are said to have "shot" films. Cinematographers, better known as DPs, have the final say for any lighting and framing during the filming of the movie. These are the most famous movies where Rogier Stoffers did the cinematography. You're able to copy this list to build your own just like it, re-rank it to fit your views, then publish it to share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks you use on a regular basis. {#nodes}
  • Alaska

    Coen van Vrijberghe de Coningh, Willem Nijholt


    Directed byMike van Diem

    Alaska is a film directed by Mike van Diem....  more
  • Bad News Bears

    Billy Bob Thornton, Marcia Gay Harden


    Directed byRichard Linklater

    Bad News Bears is the 2005 remake of the 1976 comedy film The Bad News Bears, produced by Paramount Pictures. It is directed by Richard Linklater and stars Billy Bob Thornton, Greg Kinnear, Marcia...  more

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  • Branded

    Leelee Sobieski, Max von Sydow


    Directed byAlexander Doulerain, Jamie Bradshaw

    The Mad Cow is a 2012 drama science fiction film written and directed by Jamie Bradshaw and Alexander Doulerain....  more
  • Character

    Jan Decleir, Victor Löw


    Directed byMike van Diem

    Character is a 1997 Dutch/Belgian film, based on the best-selling novel by Ferdinand Bordewijk and directed by Mike van Diem. The film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 70th...  more
  • Death at a Funeral

    Zoe Saldana, Chris Rock


    Directed byNeil LaBute

    This film is a 2010 comedy film written by Aeysha Carr and Chris Rock and directed by Neil LaBute. ...  more

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  • Disturbia

    Shia LaBeouf, Viola Davis


    Directed byD. J. Caruso

    Disturbia is a 2007 American thriller film directed by D. J. Caruso. The film follows a teenager (Shia LaBeouf) who is placed on house arrest and begins to spy on his neighbors, thinking one of them...  more

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  • FL 19,99

    Thomas Acda, Rob Das


    Directed byMart Dominicus

    FL 19,99 is a 1998 Dutch comedy film directed by Mart Dominicus. It ran at the Rotterdam Film Festival. The distribution was by the project Route 2000, a forerunner of Telefilm...  more
  • Hemingway & Gellhorn

    Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall


    Directed byPhilip Kaufman

    Hemingway & Gellhorn is an HBO biopic film about the lives of journalist Martha Gellhorn and her husband, writer Ernest Hemingway. It was directed by Philip Kaufman, and first aired on HBO on May 28,...  more
  • John Q

    Denzel Washington, Robert Duvall


    Directed byNick Cassavetes

    John Q is a 2002 American thriller film directed by Nick Cassavetes. The film follows John Quincy Archibald, a father and husband whose son is diagnosed with an enlarged heart and then finds out he...  more

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  • Lakeview Terrace

    Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson


    Directed byNeil LaBute

    Lakeview Terrace is a 2008 American thriller film directed by Neil LaBute, written by David Loughery and Howard Korder, and co-produced by Will Smith, and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Wilson...  more


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  • Mongol

    Tadanobu Asano, Sun Honglei


    Directed bySergei Bodrov

    Mongol, also known as Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan in the United States and Mongol: The Rise to Power of Genghis Khan in the United Kingdom, is a 2007 Russian semi-historical film about the early...  more
  • No Strings Attached

    Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher


    Directed byIvan Reitman

    No Strings Attached is a 2011 American romantic comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman and written by Elizabeth Meriwether. Starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, the film is about two friends...  more

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  • Quills

    Kate Winslet, Michael Caine


    Directed byPhilip Kaufman

    Quills is a 2000 period film directed by Philip Kaufman and adapted from the Obie award-winning play by Doug Wright, who also wrote the original screenplay. Inspired by the life and work of the...  more

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  • School of Rock

    Sarah Silverman, Jack Black


    Directed byRichard Linklater

    School of Rock is a 2003 American comedy film directed by Richard Linklater, written by Mike White, and starring Jack Black. The main plot follows struggling rock singer and guitarist, Dewey Finn,...  more

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  • Some Velvet Morning

    Alice Eve, Stanley Tucci


    Directed byNeil LaBute

    Some Velvet Morning is a 2013 drama film written and directed by Neil LaBute....  more
  • The Secret Life of Bees

    Alicia Keys, Dakota Fanning


    Directed byGina Prince-Bythewood

    The Secret Life of Bees is a 2008 American drama film, adapted from the novel of the same name by Sue Monk Kidd. The film was directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood and produced by Will Smith, with his...  more

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  • The Vow

    Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum


    Directed byMichael Sucsy

    The Vow is a 2012 romantic drama film directed by Michael Sucsy, starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. The film is inspired by the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. The Vow was a box...  more
  • Under the Palms

    Helmut Berger, Udo Kier


    Directed byMiriam Kruishoop

    Under the Palms or Unter den Palmen is a 1999 Dutch drama film directed by Miriam Kruishoop....  more