Serious Movies With Heavy Reputations That Are Accidentally Hilarious

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Most diehard cinephiles love camp. Who doesn't have a soft spot for Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and co.? Less appreciated by the general public and legions of wannabe critics haunting the dark digital corners of the Internet are those serious movies that are unintentionally hilarious, be they farcically existentialist French movies (there's no shortage of those, just as there's no shortage of brilliant Gallic films) or pretentious movies that are hilarious in their pitch-black, angstily despairing humorlessness. (The end of the world ought to facilitate comedy, not render it superfluous).

Movies that fall into this category have myriad incarnations, from over-the-top French gems like Catherine Breillat's Anatomy of Hell to the likes of River's Edge, an ostensibly serious drama hijacked by the ludicrous performance of Crispin Glover. In any case, movies so bad they're fun are perpetual delights, and many have even come to be regarded as masterpieces. Several, in fact, have even been recipients of Academy Awards, despite how tragically awful they are.  

It's hard to say for certain why heavy films that are accidentally funny are often regarded as serious works of cinematic art. The answer requires a good amount of sociological legwork, but perhaps in the end, it comes down to nothing more than marketing. The right presentation/angle is calculated to put critics and audiences alike in a serious frame of mind, tricking them into taking disasterpieces of accidental hilarity seriously.