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What movies have the best soundtracks? Director Quentin Tarantino once compared his movie soundtrack to "a kind of a personal mix-tape that I'm making for you," with carefully selected songs that he hopes you haven't already heard "a gazillion times before." Tarantino's films are a great example of movies with the coolest soundtracks of all time. This list includes many of the most memorable movies with outstanding soundtracks, from Saturday Night Fever disco to 'Singles' grunge. While Ranker also has a list of the greatest film scores of all time, this is different, with focus on the eclectic mix of songs on the film soundtrack rather than just the memorable instrumentals over, say, the fight scenes.

Many of the films listed here are considered some of the best movies of all time. Which movie do you think has the best soundtrack ever recorded? Time to decide, with votes. Vote for your favorites, and feel free to add any movies that might be missing. You can also re-rank this list in any order you want by clicking the blue button below.

Movies with fantastic soundtracks are automatically more memorable. You recall the plot, but more than that, you can sing the movie in your head, too. Some films would literally be shells without their awesome music soundtracks. Can you imagine Dirty Dancing without "(I've Had) The Time of My Life"? And really, Kevin Bacon's angry dance in the warehouse in Footloose would be far less momentous without that cheesy Moving Pictures song, right? And who didn't get 'Lovefool' stuck in his head after seeing Romeo + Juliet?

If you're a movie score/soundtrack fan, be sure to cast your votes for the best James Bond movie theme ever(there are so many great ones, it's hard to decide).

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