Movies With The Worst, Most Insufferable Fans  

Harrison Tenpas
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Cinema has produced perhaps some of the greatest American artistic contributions. In the medium's relatively short existence, we've seen pure aesthetic and narrative triumphs - films that elicit strong emotional resonance and create a unique attachment for some viewers. As great as some films are, however, it's that fanatical following that tends to taint the overall product with how much they really, just truly suck. That's right, we're talking about movies with the worst fans, movies with fans so irritating you think things like, "You know what? Maybe comic books should be illegal," or, "Move over, baby Hitler, I need to go back in time to stop the words 'Stay classy, San Diego' from ever gracing the screen."

This list dives into the most annoying movie fans - the people who congregate in bathrobes, holding White Russians; the folks who think being in a frat in your 30s is something to aspire to when, really, it's sad at any age; even the people who think Kevin Smith has ever made anything good. Let's take a look at the films with the most irritating, awful fans. 

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The Dark Knight is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list Movies With The Worst, Most Insufferable Fans
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Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight was the first of a wave of movies that were about cartoon superheroes, but were also extremely serious, a genre that is actually the only thing that makes money at the box office nowadays (extrapolate from that what you will). It's the tale of a billionaire vigilante who beats up criminals, without adhering to any laws or consequences, until an incredibly twisted clown shows up and does a bunch of crimes for really no reason (again, he's twisted).

To its fans, The Dark Knight is basically Casablanca. It's also a piece of art that apparently evokes so much meaning it warrants tattoosHeath Ledger's admittedly great performance as the Joker is also sure to live on for eternity in alt-right Facebook memes, which, let's be real, is a much bigger honor than the posthumous Oscar he received. 

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Old School is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Movies With The Worst, Most Insufferable Fans
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A celebration of puerile man-baby culture, the film Old School is actually an interesting anthropological statement about masculinity in popular culture. It's not received by its fans like that - at all - of course, but sometimes it's nice to exercise generosity. 

No, Old School is a film that makes it seem cool to be in a mid-life crisis where you need to get away from your inexplicably attractive wife and desperately seek a youth that has long since passed. The incredibly sad idea of joining a frat at age 40 is seen as a goof, and apparently it's viewed as a quite desirable quality in a man for the college-aged women in the film. It's almost so surreal it warrants praise. 

Fans of this film are usually the young, current frat types who somehow don't see the abyss this film paints as their future. Try and remember that irony the next time you hear a shrill, "You're my boy, Blue!" at the bar. 

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The Boondock Saints is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list Movies With The Worst, Most Insufferable Fans
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The Boondock Saints holds a special place in movie fandom hell, because for some reason, at some point, everyone thought this was a good film. From the years 2000-2008, it was actually a severe social faux pas to not have a Boondock Saints poster in your dorm room. It served as a message to your friends that you liked to party and you knew a thing or two about indie films.

This movie basically has the Holy Trinity of awful elements: St. Patrick's Day, Tarantino-lite violence, and the city of Boston. It was received horribly by critics, made almost no money, and the film's director never made another movie besides a  - naturally - even worse sequel: Boondock Saints II: All Saint's Day. And yet, the film lives on among the crowd who don green Adidas track suits and get alcohol poisoning every March 17th. There are even St. Patrick's Day parties where the film is screened to these strange hoards who should really just watch Reservoir Dogs and suppress any memories of this film ever existing.

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Donnie Darko is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list Movies With The Worst, Most Insufferable Fans
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Donnie Darko is an important movie because it likely represents the first time you lied about understanding what a film meant. Of course, you really can't be blamed for that because the plot makes absolutely zero sense and it has one of the most convoluted endings imaginable. Donnie Darko is pretty much a poorly executed satire of suburban American life that seems really deep when you're 19 years old and someone tells you it's an art film. Fans of this movie range from pretentious college students to the kid you went to school with that took too many gulps while siphoning gasoline and, like any cult feature, it is not without its weird fan theories and online communities. 

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