Movies With The Worst, Most Insufferable Fans 

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Cinema has produced perhaps some of the greatest American artistic contributions. In the medium's relatively short existence, we've seen pure aesthetic and narrative triumphs - films that elicit strong emotional resonance and create a unique attachment for some viewers. As great as some films are, however, it's that fanatical following that tends to taint the overall product with how much they really, just truly suck. That's right, we're talking about movies with the worst fans, movies with fans so irritating you think things like, "You know what? Maybe comic books should be illegal," or, "Move over, baby Hitler, I need to go back in time to stop the words 'Stay classy, San Diego' from ever gracing the screen."

This list dives into the most annoying movie fans - the people who congregate in bathrobes, holding White Russians; the folks who think being in a frat in your 30s is something to aspire to when, really, it's sad at any age; even the people who think Kevin Smith has ever made anything good. Let's take a look at the films with the most irritating, awful fans. 

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The Twilight phenomenon kind of mercifully came to an end a few years back, but the scars it left on popular culture are deep and indelible. Aside from the fact that it's a franchise of just really, really stupid films, it seemed to make everyone think it was cool to be pale and alienated for a few terrifying years, which, come on - there's fantasy, and then there's delusion. Also, you don't really want to date a vampire: going to the beach would be a complete non-starter, and even though they wear H&M, they're still like a million years old and always go on about some some sob story involving cholera. No thanks. 

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In a galaxy far, far away, there is a world where this film doesn't exist, and millions of people have done significantly more productive things in their lives than argue on Reddit about Ewoks. It's probably not fair to have Star Wars on this list since it's so head-and-shoulders above any other movie fandom in terms of sheer annoyance, but it's basically the Michael Jordan of creating nerds and commands a respect in that regard, so here we are. 

George Lucas's titan of a film franchise has pretty much created an entire populace that looks and sounds much like you and me, but their clothes bear swaths of mustard stains and they've somehow had the internet since 1989. There are, of course, conventions where you can observe these folks up close, but be careful not to show up in the wrong completely fictional character motif as, yes, something that is technically violence has occurred in the past.

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There are fewer more terrifying word combinations in the English language than "audience participation," and The Rocky Horror Picture Show takes that phrase to dizzyingly awful new heights. The film itself is a dumb horror comedy with some bizarrely pro-rape undertones, but it's the spectacle of just taking in a viewing of it that catapults its fandom into a new stratosphere of grating. (There are two metaphors about flight in this paragraph because this film should be shot into space.)

This is somehow the world's longest continuingly screened film, a distinction it neither deserves nor should be allowed by any benevolent governance. The reason for this is largely because it draws out a kind of super theatre kid en masse, where costumes are worn, props are thrown, and audience call-and-response is encouraged - all things that are far scarier than anything portrayed on the screen.  

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Anchorman is perhaps the most illustrative example of a good movie that is utterly ruined by its fans. To call this film unfunny is to be extremely disingenuous, and to be fair, there is no way the cast and crew knew it was going to be quoted for the ages by bro-types, but holy moly is it hard to look at this movie favorably after over a decade of hearing people say, "Stay Classy."  

It's tough to think of a movie that is responsible for more excruciatingly repeated quotes. For every laugh this movie gives you, think of the 1,000 times you've heard someone say, "I'm kind of a big deal," without the slightest hint of irony. Bring this film up at a bar full of twenty-somethings and you too will say, "I immediately regret this decision."

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