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Movies You Have to Watch Twice to Get Every Joke

The most rewatchable comedy movies are just as smart as they are funny. They're epic comedies packed with so many great bits that you have to watch them at least twice to catch all of the jokes. From the films of Kevin Smith to Wes Anderson to Mel Brooks, these are the best movies whose jokes you can't possibly get the first time around.

The films on this list may be totally different from each other, but one thing is true of them all: these are movies that beg to be rewatched. In fact, they need to be seen multiple times for a viewer to truly appreciate their magic. Maybe you're laughing over some funny moments or maybe their are just too many to process, but the jokes, visual gags, and hilarious moments are simply too abundant to catch them all in a single viewing.

Maybe the most popular type of comedy on this list is probably the parody film. Movies like Blazing Saddles and Airplane! are packed with meta jokes and references that cannot possibly be absorbed with a single viewing. Then there are animated movies like The Lego Movie and Shrek, which throw out so many winks to mom and dad that it’s almost like they were written more for the adults in the theater than for the kids.

If you’ve only seen the great comedies on this list once, it’s time to give them another chance to make you laugh. Be sure to vote up your favorite movies you have to watch twice to catch all of the jokes. If we missed any rewatchable comedies, add them! And if you've seen all  these movies multiple times, rerank the list to create your own version!
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