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Movies You Wish You Could Still Watch for the First Time

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List RulesUpvote the movies you've seen before, but wish you could watch for the first time again, without knowing every punchline and plot twist.

There’s that moment at the end of The Sixth Sense that sends chills up the back of a spectator's spine. The scene actually has the ability to shock a viewer so much that it renders them immobile. It’s as if all the puzzle pieces suddenly come together, and everything makes perfect sense. You immediately think, “I need to watch this movie again to see if I can spot the plot twist.” But you know that if you watch it again, the magic will be lost. There will not be that “a-ha moment." That feeling is strictly a one-time deal. These are the movies you wish you could see for the first time.

Did you ever have a friend say to you, “Oh, Fight Club is on Netflix. I’ve never seen it. I’m gonna watch it tonight.” Chances are if you’re a movie fan, you will instantly feel jealous. You want to be able to watch Fight Club for the first time and experience the completely mind-blowing plot twist.

Plot twist movies are not the only films on this list. There are those nostalgic films like Stand by Me and The Goonies, that instantly take you back to the innocence of your childhood. There are also those hilarious comedies like There’s Something About Mary, The Princess Bride, and really any other movie Christopher Guest has been involved in. Re-experiencing a punch line is great; hearing it for the first time is priceless.

The most nostalgic movies will always have a special place in the heart of any cinephile. Where were you when you saw Rudy finally get into a game at Notre Dame? How old were you when you saw Luke Skywalker use the force for the first time and defeat Darth Vader?

Be sure to vote up the movies that you wish you could still watch for the first time and add any other films you've seen, but wish you could still watch for the very first time.
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