Romantic Movies Your Girlfriend Forces You To Watch

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Vote up the movies that are payback for all the sports games and Michael Bay movies.

Picking a movie for date night presents a bit of a struggle, especially if your girlfriend loves romantic flicks and you just do not vibe with them. You keep finding excuses to miss movie night – maybe You’ve Got Mail from work or an important appointment in Notting Hill. Maybe you need to take a trip to the City of Angeles or figure out why your best friend is Sleepless in Seattle. But, eventually, Something's Gotta Give. You suck it up, buy some microwave popcorn, and hold her tight while watching Ryan Gosling play a jerk yet gain. He obviously still gets the girl, because he’s so good-looking. As everyone knows, life isn’t fair, and that's why you must sit down and watch these movies your girlfriend makes you watch.

While there are some quality romantic movies out there to keep your mind open to, you don't always get that lucky with the selection. You probably sat through a few that felt so gushy you lost all interest in love whatsoever, and romance often lacks the charisma of the chick-flick genre. To get your opinion across, vote up all the sappy/ridiculous/dreadful movies your girlfriend makes you watch over and over again. From When Harry Met Sally to The Proposal to Love Actually, this list has them all. Let the commiserating begin.  

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