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Moving Stories From 'Titanic' Survivors That Made Us Say 'Wow'

On April 14, 1912, at 11:40 pm, the Titanic rubbed up against an iceberg, damaging the hulls of the "unsinkable" ship so it took on too much water to stay afloat. Almost three hours later, the ship was completely beneath the water in the middle of the Atlantic. On board were more than 2,200 souls; only about 700 survived the harrowing incident. With enough lifeboats to save only one-third of the passengers aboard, the chances of survival were slim.

Although many of the survivors have clearly horrific stories about that fateful night, some had even more tragic experiences after they were safely back on land. Other passengers experienced some of their happiest days after that cold night in April 1912. These Titanic testimonials are sure to rock anyone to their core.

  • Photo: Unknown / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Charles Lightoller Survived Another Shipwreck Six Years After The 'Titanic' Sank

    Age: 38

    Class: Second Officer

    Backstory: Charles Lightoller was instrumental in the safety of numerous other passengers aboard the Titanic when he herded people into lifeboats as the ship was sinking. He didn't let the incident keep him from later commanding his own ship, a torpedo boat that rammed into another vessel and sank almost six years to the date after the Titanic incident - at nearly the same time. He survived that incident, as well.

  • Photo: Randy Bryan Bigham Collection / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Age: 22

    Class: First Class

    Backstory: Dorothy Gibson was a burgeoning actress at the time she boarded the Titanic, so it's not surprising that she accepted a role shortly after the incident. However, it is a bit shocking that she accepted a role in the silent film was Saved from the Titanic, in which she essentially played herself reenacting the harrowing events less than a month after they happened.

  • Photo: Underwood & Underwood / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Edmond Navratil And His Brother Michel Were The Only Two Children Unclaimed After The Incident

    Ages: 2 and 3

    Class: Second Class

    Backstory: Edmond Navratil and his brother, Michel, of France, were traveling on the Titanic with their father, who had allegedly taken the boys from their mother. When the ship went down, their father perished, and they were the only young children left unclaimed on the Carpathia. Months later, the brothers were reunited with their mother, who recognized them from the news.

  • Violet Jessop Survived Multiple Boat Sinkings

    Age: 24

    Class: Chambermaid/Stewardess

    Backstory: Aboard the Titanic, Violet Jessop was helping women and children into lifeboats when she stepped in one to demonstrate how safe it was to climb in. Jessop herself was saved in that lifeboat. She was later aboard the Britannic when it went under, escaping that harrowing adventure with a fractured skull.