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The Most Ridiculous Movie Battles That Take Place On Top Of A Moving Vehicle

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Movies are always searching for a way to make their fights more intense. From the cliché traintop engagement to brawls on top of speeding cars, a simple fist fight isn't always enough. No, if you're going to have an all-out clash as one of the climactic moments of your film, you better make it as nail-biting as possible.

So how do you up the danger for the main characters? Stage their battle on top of a moving vehicle, of course. Now the characters don't just have to worry about dodging blows from their opponent, they also have to avoid the many obstacles that suddenly appear as the vehicle zooms along. Ducking under signs and tunnels, struggling against the momentum of the car, and fighting to maintain balance on a moving medium all add an extra layer to the stakes.

While these wild stunts are sure to get one's blood pumping, they're also completely ridiculous. Could anyone actually accomplish anything while trying to balance themselves on top of a moving train? Probably not. Vote up the most ridiculous movie battles that took place on top of moving vehicles.

  • The Vehicle: Trucks, cars, tank

    Why Are They Fighting: Fugitives Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) have decided to take a step back from their outlaw ways. That is, until they're offered full pardons for their past actions by Agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), so long as they help take down a team of mercenaries.

    Why Are They On A Moving Vehicle: The leader of the mercs, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), strikes a military convoy near a NATO base in Spain. Dom's crew interferes, thus starting their on-the-go fight.

    What Do They Do On The Vehicle: Shaw and his team, including Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) - Dom's former girlfriend - collide with the back truck of the military convoy and climb on top of the vehicle from their own car. They fire at the drivers and move next to the armored trucks, where they slip inside and disappear from sight. If you thought that was the end, think again. The team reemerges just a few moments later with a tank, busting through the military truck and putting their vehicle onto the streets.

    Shaw squares off against Dom's various cars in the tank, eventually trapping Roman's (Tyrese Gibson) car under its tracks. Scared he's going to get flattened, Roman climbs on top of his vehicle and jumps to the roof of Brian's car. When Letty climbs on top of the tank to dislodge a car attached by a cable, Shaw launches her off the top in an effort to get Dom off his tail. Unwilling to let her perish, Dom launches himself over two disconnected bridges from his own moving vehicle. Amazingly enough, he manages to catch Letty mid-air, landing on the windshield of a car and allowing them both to emerged unharmed.

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  • The Vehicle: Plane 

    Why Are They Fighting: Lt. John McClane (Bruce Willis) finds himself in a sticky situation once again when terrorists take control of Dulles International Airport. Scared for the safety of his wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia), McClane jumps into action. In the process, McClane discovers that Army Special Forces Commander Major Grant (John Amos) is actually in league with the villains to free dictator General Ramon Esperanza (Franco Nero).

    Why Are They On A Moving Vehicle: While Grant tries to escape with the other terrorists and Esperanza on a plane, McClane jumps onto the wing from a helicopter as the plane is taxiing. 

    What Do They Do On The Vehicle: Desperate to stop the villains' escape, McClane blocks the ailerons on the wing with his jacket. Realizing they can't take off, Grant heads out to the plane wing to confront McClane. He's sorely unprepared, however, and doesn't even look around before stepping outside. McClane tackles him from behind, prompting an intense fist fight that brings both men to their knees numerous times.

    When Grant manages to roll McClane toward the side of the plane, he truly thinks he has the upper hand. However, it’s Grant that rolls off the edge of the moving vehicle. McClane kicks him again and again until Grant eventually loses his grip and falls into the turbine.

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  • The Vehicle: Train

    Why Are They Fighting: Featuring a side of the 16th American president we never considered, this movie shows Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) as a man who not only abolished slavery, but hunted vampires in his spare time as well. After years of honing his vampire-hunting skills, Lincoln finally comes face to face with Adam (Rufus Sewell), the man who sired all vampires in America.

    Why Are They On A Moving Vehicle: After establishing himself as Adam's enemy, Lincoln melts all the silverware into silver weapons that can be used to slay vampires. At least, that's what he wants Adam to think. He plans to transport the silver by train, but Adam discovers his plan and targets the train with a host of vampires.

    What Do They Do On The Vehicle: While trying to put Lincoln's plan into motion, Lincoln's friend, William Johnson (Anthony Mackie), faces the vampires atop the train. Lincoln joins him in the fight, using some truly incredible axe skills to take down Adam’s goons. Although they're outnumbered, Lincoln clears the top of the train of vampires.

    His last axe swing, however, is caught by Adam himself. The two engage in a fight, but Adam gains the upper hand when he throws Johnson off the train. Lincoln manages to grab Johnson just in time, but is unable to defend himself if he wants to save his friend. Adam gives a speech about Lincoln's fate and goes to bite the president, but Lincoln is saved by Joshua Speed (Jimmi Simpson), who steps in and forces Adam to bite him instead. Through that distraction, Lincoln pulls Johnson back to the top of the train and the friends make their escape.

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  • The Vehicle: Car and bus

    Why Are They Fighting: Owen Shaw's (Luke Evans) brother Deckard (Jason Statham) doesn't appreciate the way Dominic Toretto's (Vin Diesel) team treated his brother. In the middle of their engagement against the other, Shaw, Dom, and his team are recruited by an agent known as "Mr. Nobody" (Kurt Russell). Mr. Nobody asks the team to retrieve a hacker named Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), who was captured by terrorist leader Mose Jakande (Djimon Hounsou). Dom agrees because he can use Ramsey's surveillance system to track down Shaw.

    Why Are They On A Moving Vehicle: As fate would have it, the mission includes cars and danger. The team drops their cars from a jet to land close to their target - a moving bus.

    What Do They Do On The Vehicle: Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) climbs on top of his moving car in order to jump on the bus and save Ramsey. Tej (Ludacris) pushes the car from the back and moves Brian closer to the bus. Thankfully the car doesn't deviate from its course, even though there's no one behind the wheel. When he finally gets close enough, Brian jumps onto the bus through the now-open back that got blown up in the confrontation.

    He takes on the men inside and defeats them just long enough to grab Ramsey. He pushes her out of the bus and onto the hood of Dom's waiting car, where she struggles to find her grip. Suddenly Shaw shows up and slams into Dom's vehicle, making Ramsey's grip even more precarious. Shaw slams into Dom again and again, until Dom finally lurches Ramsey upward and pulls her inside the vehicle through the open sunroof.

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