Mr. Peabody & Sherman Movie Quotes

Mr. Peabody & Sherman movie quotes bring the beloved characters from the animated series from the "Rocky and Bullwinkle Show" back and to the big screen. Directed by Rob Minkoff, the film was written by Craig Wright using the characters created by Ted Key. Showing in 3D, Mr. Peabody & Sherman opened in the United States on March 7, 2014.

In Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Mr. Peabody (voiced by Ty Burrell) is a highly successful entrepreneur, inventor, Nobel laureate and father, not to mention talking dog who invented a time machine known as the WABAC (way-back machine). Mr. Peabody adopts a son, Sherman (voiced by Max Charles), who is seven years old. Sherman mistakenly tells classmate Penny (voiced by Ariel Winter) about the time machine sending them on a history-changing adventure.

When Mr. Peabody learns of this happening, he springs into duty to take Sherman and Penny back to revert their changes before the space-time continuum is irreparably destroyed. What follows is a comical adventure back in time to meet a number of colorful characters like Sigmund Freud (voiced by Mel Brooks), Leonardo da Vinci (voiced by Stanley Tucci) and Mona Lisa (voiced by Lake Bell), among others. Stephen Colbert, Leslie Mann, Allison Janney and Patrick Warburton also provide voices in the animated film.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman joins theaters already buzzing about other films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Lego Movie, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and Frozen.

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    King Tut

    King Tut
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    Sherman: "Who's that, Mr. Peabody?"
    Mr. Peabody: "King Tut"
    Penny: "My boyfriend"
    Sherman: "What?! His name rhymes with 'butt!'"

    Sherman is baffled that Penny is calling King Tut her boyfriend. It's weird enough that she wants to date an Egyptian king, let alone one whose name rhymes with "butt."
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    We Must Rewrite History

    We Must Rewrite History
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    Mr. Peabody: "You've used time travel improperly! We must rewrite history in order to save the universe!"

    Mr. Peabody is startled to learn that Sherman and Penny used the WABAC and changed history. They must fix things ASAP before there are serious consequences.
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    Don't Tell Her About the WABAC

    Don't Tell Her About the WABAC
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    Mr. Peabody: Share your interests, tell her about the woody antidote. Make it work! Don't tell her about the WABAC!
    Sherman: "Sigmund Freud says if you don't like a person, they remind you about something you don't like about yourself."
    Penny: "What do you know about Sigmund Freud?"
    Sherman: "More than you think"
    Penny: "Sure, just like you know all that stuff about George Washington not really cutting down the cherry tree. Ugh, what a crock!"
    Sherman: "But it's true!"
    Penny: "How do you know?"
    Sherman: "I just know!"
    Penny: "Did you read it in a book?"
    Sherman: "No!"
    Penny: "So how do you know, Sherman? How… Do… You… Know?"
    Sherman: "He told me!"
    Penny: "Who told you?"
    Sherman: "George Washington"
    Penny: "George Washington?"
    Sherman: "Yeah"
    Penny: "Lair!"

    Sherman: "He calls it the WABAC. Uh, well, now that we've seen it, maybe we should go back."
    Penny: "Are you kidding? Where should we go first?"

    Mr. Peabody wants Sherman and Penny to play nice and get along, which is the point of having her and he folks over for dinner. There is just one rule: Don't tell Penny about the WABAC… which is exactly what Sherman does.
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    Trojan Horse

    Trojan Horse
    Video: YouTube

    King Agamemnon: "Odysseus, what news do you bring?"
    Odysseus: "Someone left this for us."
    King Agamemnon: "A present! Nice! It looks just like our horse."
    Odysseus: "Should I bring it inside?"
    King Agamemnon: "It'd be rude not to."
    Mr. Peabody: "Peabody here"
    King Agamemnon: "I did not see that coming!"

    Mr. Peabody needs to get inside to save son Sherman so he does just what he knows will be a winner. He sends King Agamemnon a trojan horse--a wooden one, not the computer virus--and is bright right into their den.
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    That's Disarming

    That's Disarming
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Sherman: "Boy, your hand's cold Mr. Peabody."
    Mr. Peabody: "Sherman, that's not my hand."
    Sherman: "Ahhh!"
    Mr. Peabody: "That's disarming."

    When it gets dark, Sherman grabs a hand he thinks is his father's for support. Unfortunately, Sherman actually grabbed the hand of a mummy, disarming him in the process.
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    You Used the WABAC?!

    You Used the WABAC?!
    Video: YouTube

    Mr. Peabody: "Sherman, Penny, why are you two dressed like ancient Greeks?"
    Sherman: "I lost her in ancient Egypt!"
    Penny: "And I got engaged to King Tut, then we ran out of gas!"
    Sherman: "In ancient Troy"
    Mr. Peabody: "You used the WABAC?!"
    Sherman: "Yeah… she was into it."
    Mr. Peabody: "Oh my"

    Mr. Peabody is concerned after learning that Sherman and Penny used the WABAC and changed history while they were time traveling. If there is one positive, Sherman and Penny are getting along for once.
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