Mr. Robot Easter Eggs

When technology producer Kor Adana first saw the script for the pilot episode of Mr. Robot, he knew that there was potential to make the series completely interactive. Adana and the show’s creator Sam Esmail have used Easter Eggs on Mr. Robot to make the series what the producer calls “hackable.” These Mr. Robot Easter Eggs truly showcase the spectacular job show creators did of adding intricate layers to each and every episode. 

Mr. Robot Season 1 Easter Eggs could be spotted right out of the gate when Sam Esmail pulled a Hitchcock and popped up in a premiere episode of the series. The show’s goal was to create an alternate reality where every QR code, bar code, and IP address would actually lead to a website that brings the spectator directly into the world of Mr. Robot. For example, one of the coolest Mr. Robot Season 2 Easter Eggs featured a QR code that - if scanned - led the viewer to a website called Confictura Industries.

The series has proven to be an enigma, wrapped up in a riddle, and a lot of the Easter Eggs have not just been a fun way to interact with the show, but also provide clues to some of the program’s more intricate narrative puzzles. What Mr. Robot Season 3 Easter Eggs will the astute viewer catch during the current season? Here are just a few nods and winks that anyone into the meta-world of Mr. Robot will definitely enjoy.


  • Every Time A Hacker Types In An IP Adress, It Leads To An Actual Website In The Real World

    Over its three seasons, Elliot and other hackers have typed in a lot of IP addresses. For every IP address entered on the series, there is an actual website for it on the internet. For example the following IP addresses:,, and, all lead to a pretty taunting and very disturbing image of a laughing pixilated FSociety mask, mockingly informing the user that "Your Personal Files Are Encrypted."

    What's even cooler is the 24 hour countdown on the bottom of the screen. If you stay on the page for 24 hours (of if a user can somehow alter the ticking clock), the following quote from Thomas Jefferson comes up: "I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale."


  • There's A Hidden Audio Processed Image - That May Be A Message To Fans
    Photo: tehsma / YouTube

    There's A Hidden Audio Processed Image - That May Be A Message To Fans

    In Season 2, Episode 5, some astute fans noticed an odd noise just at the beginning of the episode. One reddit user claimed their boyfriend was an audio engineer and recognized the sound as an image being rendered as audio. If this image is recorded and then processed, the audio file produced will reveal a picture. After their boyfriend processed the audio, the user discovered the image of the motivational poster circulated throughout the 1970s featuring a cat hanging onto a tree branch with the words "Hang in there."

    So what does this mean? It could just be a fun and random Easter Egg. However, some fans interpreted the image as a promise from Sam Esmail. He was encouraging fans to stick with the show, as the best was yet to come. 

  • Sam Esmail Pulls A Hitchcock

    The Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, was one of the first examples of an Easter Egg in cinema. The legendary director made a cameo in 39 of his 52 movies. The game for alert movie viewers was to spot the director, who was usually hidden somewhere in one scene of a film. Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail took a page from Hitchcock during a subway scene during the premiere episode of the series.

  • A QR Source Code Taken From Elliot's Notebook Led To A Website Called Confictura Industries

    During the Season 2 premiere, Fusion editor Dodai Stewart took to Twitter to reveal that the QR Code from Elliot's notebook worked in real life. Stewart was able to scan the QR code, which brought the editor to a website called Confictura Industries. It was obvious from the graphics on the website that it was over 20 years old. It was also discovered that if a person clicked on the "Terms of Service Privacy" links found at the bottom of the page, they would be redirected to the USA Network page.

    There were a bunch of fan theories around what the code could mean. One aware viewer noticed that underneath the source code it read: "YOU ARE NOT ALONE." Additionally, the word Confictura is Latin for imagination or fantasy, this could be a nod to everything  just being a figment of Elliot's imagination.