Weird History The Bizarre Way Mr. Rogers Helped Turn Porn Into A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry  

Mick Jacobs

Mr. Rogers, beloved TV host from your childhood, bears more influence over the media landscape than you ever realized. In fact, after watching the video below, it might completely change your view of the person you considered the most wholesome of TV hosts.

You see, Mr. Rogers, aside from his time on TV, cared passionately about certain issues, and a hot-button topic in the '80s was the morality of VHS tapes. Yes, back in the Reagan years, people fiercely debated whether or not VHS was a form of evil.

Mr. Rogers found himself on the pro-VHS side of the argument, even arguing before Congress in their favor. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly if you think about it, support for VHS also allowed the rise of another phenomenon: at home, on-demand pornography.

VHS, for better or worse, made pornography viewable from the comfort of your living room, thereby presenting the industry with a whole new marketing scheme. Check out the video below to see how Mr. Rogers inadvertently made porn accessible to you.