gross This Pathologist Assistant Runs The Most Insane And Grotesque Instagram Account Ever  

Melissa Brinks
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WARNING: This list contains graphic images of pathological mysteries and human anatomy. 

Mrs. Angemi is one of those Internet oddities who has risen to prominence because the things she shows us are so bizarre, so disgusting, and so strange that we can't help but look. As a pathologist assistant, Nicole Angemi has knowledge of a variety of medical oddities that she documents on the Mrs. Angemi Instagram, though, due to patient confidentiality, these are not images taken from her work. Angemi also runs a blog and merchandise store called "I Heart Autopsy," letting people wear designs that represent the strange and sometimes disgusting beauty of the human body. 

Mrs. Angemi's Instagram shows strange medical conditions, gore, and crazy dissection photos. While they might be off-putting at first glance, there's something intriguing about seeing the human body in ways people don't usually have access to. These photos, grotesque as they might be, demystify death and the human body in a way that's ultimately educational – even if people don't want to acknowledge how gross humans can be, better understanding how the body works is a good thing.

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