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MTV 'The Challenge' Drinking Game

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MTV The Challenge is back for a whopping 34th season in August 2019. And while the cast may be a bit varied - it is War of the Worlds 2, after all - odds are, this new season will bring the same, old drama.

And even if it doesn't end up being one of the best seasons of The Challenge, we can still make a game out of it. MTV The Challenge Season 34 features familiar faces such as Johnny Bananas, Ashley Mitchell, Cara Maria Sorbello and CT Tamburello. It’s a pretty safe bet that Johnny Bananas will stir up some drama, so that has to be a part of The Challenge drinking game. 

You can always count on host T.J. Lavin to share his disapproval in a contestant’s poor performance, especially if they fail to complete a challenge. So T.J.’s reprimands definitely earn a spot on The Challenge War of the Worlds drinking game.

Other great drinking opportunities while watching MTV The Challenge include: whenever a fight breaks out, someone mentions themselves in the third person, a vet calls out a rookie, or any contestants get romantic. 

Interested in more TV Show drinking games? Check out this Game of Thrones drinking game. Of course, now you’ll need the alcohol to distract you from the fact that the show is over, and perhaps also to help you forget its disappointing ending. 

But, hey, there’s always The Challenge: War of the Worlds Part 2. 

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