The Top 100 Characters We Want To See In 'Multiversus'

We are ranking and predicting every character we want to see in Multiversus! The free-to-play crossover fighting game showcases various characters within the Warner Bros. catalog featuring characters like Bugs Bunny, Superman, and Arya Stark. With a wide variety of franchises under Warner Bros. any character from your favorite childhood shows to the most popular and anticipated shows of 2022 can appear in this game. 

While there are currently 19 characters announced at launch, there are still many potential candidates that can be added to the game. Whether these characters are added to the main game or added as part as DLC, the best Multiversus character prediction are some of the most recognizable characters in Warner Bros. history. Some of the most popular Multiversus character predictions include Marceline the Vampire Queen and the Ice King from Adventure Time, Samurai Jack and the Scotsman from Samurai Jack, and Peacemaker and King Shark from The Suicide Squad. Which character do you want to see in Multiversus?

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