Graveyard Shift

14 Modern People Who Turned Into Mummies Before They Were Found

Are mummies real? Sadly, when a person with no family passes, their body is often left unnoticed for days or weeks - sometimes, this can last for years. However, if the conditions are right, the body can be preserved, leading to a real mummy. The modern mummy stories on this list are tragic, usually involving people who die and aren't discovered for years, with nobody checking on them or even removing the body.

Real mummies have included the recent discovery of a German sailor in a yacht, left for years; a woman found in a San Francisco hoarder house that later sold for over a million dollars; a suicide victim found by a young boy; and a woman who sat in front of a TV for over 40 years while neighbors squabbled about what to do with her apartment.

Here are some real cases of mummified people found years after their death.