Scientists Believe This Mummified Hand Found In A Peruvian Cave Is Evidence Of Aliens On Earth

Everyone wants to be the guy who finds evidence of alien life. But a local Peruvian man actually is that person. In January of 2016, he allegedly found a weirdly shaped mummified hand while exploring the desert tunnels in Southeastern Peru, and gave it to researcher Brien Foerster of Hidden Inca Tours. His team were dumbfounded, and set off to convince others that this strange artifact is indeed mummified alien remains.

Okay, you're probably thinking it's a stretch, but wait till you see the thing! It only has three fingers and genuinely looks like something freakish from an extraterrestrial planet. However, the hand wasn't the only thing they found - a small, bizarrely shaped skull and tiny mummified body were also uncovered, leading researches to scratch their heads and wonder just where exactly these remains came from.


  • The Medical Examination Revealed Skin And Bone

    When the mummified hand was given to Brien Foerster, he passed it onto medical experts for an evaluation. They x-rayed the hand and concluded that it was made of skin and bone, with no less than six bones in each finger. This proves that it doesn't belong to a human, because humans only have three bones in each finger.

     This finding is the strongest suggestion that the hand is not a fake.

  • The Hand Has 8-Inch Long Fingers With Fingernails

    This isn't some regular old mummified hand they found. For starters it only has three fingers, and they are 8 inches long! What human do you know who has hands like that? There are many birds and reptiles that only have three fingers, but researchers believe the mummified hand doesn't belong to any of those because it has fingernails. 

    If it's not an animal hand, nor a human hand, then it belongs to an otherworldly species.

  • They Also Found An Infant-Sized Skull And Small Mummified Body

    They Also Found An Infant-Sized Skull And Small Mummified Body
    Video: YouTube

    Along with the bizarre mummified hand, the Peruvian man also allegedly found an elongated infant-sized skull in a sarcophagus and its tiny mummified body. According to the medical examiner, they don't belong to a human either. These inexplicable artifacts have been sent for DNA testing.

  • Radiocarbon And DNA Testing Will Hopefully Give Answers

    The mummified objects have allegedly been sent to a lab in the US for DNA testing, which some people are skeptical about because of Brien Foerster's involvement. Apparently he concluded that a collection of elongated Paracus skulls did not have human DNA, but was vague with his information sources.

    As of publication, the results of this DNA test haven't been revealed; when they are, they will likely show the same results.