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Scientists Believe This Mummified Hand Found In A Peruvian Cave Is Evidence Of Aliens On Earth

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Everyone wants to be the guy who finds evidence of alien life. But a local Peruvian man actually is that person. In January of 2016, he allegedly found a weirdly shaped mummified hand while exploring the desert tunnels in Southeastern Peru, and gave it to researcher Brien Foerster of Hidden Inca Tours. His team were dumbfounded, and set off to convince others that this strange artifact is indeed mummified alien remains.

Okay, you're probably thinking it's a stretch, but wait till you see the thing! It only has three fingers and genuinely looks like something freakish from an extraterrestrial planet. However, the hand wasn't the only thing they found - a small, bizarrely shaped skull and tiny mummified body were also uncovered, leading researches to scratch their heads and wonder just where exactly these remains came from.

  • Brien Foerster Claimed That Cagers Gave Him The Specimens

    If you find something weird and ancient while on a worldly adventure, Brien Foerster is apparently the guy to give it to. In this instance, he claims to have been given the mummified artifacts by a group of cagers exploring the Peruvian desert tunnels. He identifies them as "a local person" on his website

    He told the Inquisitr that the person did not want to sell it, but simply wanted to know what it was - clearly they aren't the only one.

  • The Mummified Artifacts Were Found In A Desert Tunnell

    According to Brien Foerster, the mummified remains were found in a Southeastern desert tunnel inside two clay-covered sarcophagi. There were no photographs taken of the tunnel or sarcophagi, or the people who allegedly found it, leading many to believe the whole thing is a hoax. Foerster is convinced the samples are genuine, though. 

  • The Alternative Explanation To Aliens Is That It's An Elaborate Hoax

    If the mummified remains don't belong to any known species, the only alternative explanation is that this is an elaborate hoax. If so, a skilled person went to a lot of trouble to construct something made from real skin and bones! If it is a prop from a Hollywood movie, how did it end up in the desert?

  • Foerster Runs A Tourism Company Called Hidden Inca Tours

    If you're wondering who Brien Foerster is exactly, well, he runs Hidden Inca Tours, which allegedly investigates archeological sites. There is little information about him online, but he has written numerous books about his travels to ancient sites. There are also a series of YouTube videos about his findings, where he passionately explains his work.