Graveyard Shift This Sailor's Mummified Corpse Was Discovered In A Yacht, But His Death Remains Unsolved  

Rebecca High

This creepy video explores what happened to a German sailor named Manfred Fritz Bajorat who disappeared on his boat in 2009.

Filipino police discovered Bajorat's yacht floating off the coast of an island known as Barobo in 2016. 

When they boarded the yacht, police found something truly disturbing: Bajorat's body, sitting at his desk in the cabin with his hand just inches from the radio. No cause of death could be determined, and his body was completely preserved and mummified in his seat.

He had no wallet or identification on his person, which led authorities to believe it had been stolen, but no one knows what happened really happened on the high seas. Watch this video for more on the bizarre discovery of the mummy at sea.