23 Memes From 'The Mummy' That Had Us Screaming 'Imhotep!'

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In 1999, we were gifted the greatest movie ever made, The Mummy. The film became an instant classic, and had everything an audience could want: action, historical intrigue, and the most attractive couple of all time, Rachel Weisz and Brendan Fraser. Not only is the movie full of high octane stunts and fight sequences, it's also straight-up hilarious. The franchise has certainly stood the test of time, and so have the memes. These are the funniest jokes about The Mummy we could find. 

  • 1. Sorry Tom, These Are Facts

    Sorry Tom, These Are Facts
    Photo: KanyeWesticularCancer / Imgur
  • 2. Accurate

    Photo: u/kamato243/charstreehouse / Reddit
  • 3. The Rock Deserved So Much Better

    The Rock Deserved So Much Better
    Photo: u/KingofHearts399 / Reddit
  • 4. *Snap Snap*

    *Snap Snap*
    Photo: twobitmulder / Tumblr
  • 5. We Were So Unaware

    We Were So Unaware
    Photo: u/DoraWinifredRead / Reddit
  • 6. Sorry, Occupied

    Sorry, Occupied
    Photo: u/Professional_Year / Reddit