Weird History

This Museum Has 111 Eerily Preserved 'Screaming Mummies'

A small town in Mexico is home to what are called the screaming mummies, a collection of eerily preserved bodies that are all less than 200 years old. Mummies aren't just from Egypt –examples of mummies have been found around the world. Today, the screaming mummies of Guanajuato can be found in the Museo de las Momias, one of the strangest museums in the world. The mummies, who died between the 1830s and 1950s, are on display for tourists drawn by the Guanajuato mummies tour.

Were the Guanajuato mummies buried alive? At least one mummy, discovered chewing on her own arm and with a mouth full of blood, was buried before she died. Others died during Mexico’s deadly cholera outbreak of 1833, the same outbreak that killed thousands around the world. Before a London doctor proved that the disease was caused by infected water, hundreds may have been buried alive to stop the spread of cholera. 

The Mexican mummy museum, which is home to over 100 mummies, is both gruesome and fascinating. The preserved bodies of the mummies in the museum, including the world’s smallest mummy – still a fetus when his mother died – are windows into the past.