Graveyard Shift Creepy Murder Basements from Around the World  

Jacob Shelton
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It’s a sad fact that most murderers and serial killers usually do their work in horror basements reserved explicitly for committing unnamed acts to their victims. For some killers, the basement is a means to an end - a way to quickly get rid of a body in a place where no one’s going to stumble upon it. But for other, more methodical murderers, the basement is their place of refuge. A room away from the world where they can truly be themselves; a place where their inner monsters can roam free. On this list you'll find many kinds of murder basements from across the world – from dirty rooms at the bottom of New York tenements, to torture chambers that cost more than your car, if you saw the inside of one of these rooms it’s likely you never saw the outside world again.

It’s terrifying to think that the most recent crime on this list of people murdered in basements happened in 2016, and the earliest was from when H.H. Holmes dedicated an entire castle to murder in the late 19th century. You’d think serial killers would have changed their M.O.s in the hundred years between crimes, but you know the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The killers on this list are a kind of real life monster, and a few of them even had lairs or dungeons to prove it. Please don’t get any ideas from this list of murder basements from around the world.

H.H. Holmes's Murder Castle

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H.H. Holmes didn't just have a murder basement, he had a whole murder castle. He spent nearly a decade hiring and firing builders to add pieces to his house that included pipes for pumping gas into bedrooms, a room built specifically to suffocate people, and a good ol' fashioned murder basement where he would strip the skin from his victims.

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Leonard Lake was a true monster (and a complete dork) who, along with Charles Ng, tortured, raped, and murdered women in a chamber designed by Lake himself. Lake committed suicide before he could be arrested. see more on Leonard Lake

The Toy Box Killer's Hundred Thousand Dollar Lair

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Like Leonard Lake, David Parker Ray (or The Toy Box Killer) built a $100,000 torture chamber in the middle of nowhere where he videotaped his exploits. In 2001 he was finally sentenced to 224 years in prison.

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Josef Fritzl will never win a father of the year award, and though he never technically murdered anyone in his basemen, this Austrian monster locked his daughter in a cellar for nearly two decades. During the time he had her locked up, Fritzl raped his daughter repeatedly and fathered multiple children with her, all while he rented out the room above his chamber of horrors. see more on Josef Fritzl