The Power of Suggestion: 6 Killers Who Convinced Their Victims to Commit Suicide

Some of the most conniving killers are able to end a person's life without ever laying a hand on their victims. These are killers who convinced people to kill themselves, using their twisted charisma and physical and verbal abuse to get their intended fatal results.

Infamous cult leader Jim Jones brainwashed his followers into blind obedience, until they swallowed poison-laced fruit punch and perished en masse. William Francis Melchert-Dinkel looked for individuals who already had suicidal thoughts, and encouraged them to follow through. And then there's Michelle Carter - she's accused of callously mocking her boyfriend until he took his own life.

These crimes are horrific, and it's all the more chilling to realize that the law doesn’t always prohibit the act of encouraging suicide. But whether the legal system defines these cases as crimes or not, these murder by suicide killers took the lives of their victims as surely as if they had pulled the trigger, stabbed the blade, or tied the noose themselves.