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These Are The Worst Murders That Take Place In The Bible

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There are several versions of the Bible and some would argue that it's the most well-read book in the world. Though there are plenty of fallacies in the King James version, there are quite a few little-known and obscure bible facts

Most people know all about Jesus, for example. They know that he was not actually white and that he was crucified. Most people don't know, though, that some biblical stories are much more gruesome; death and killing are actually common bible fodder. Some of the violent biblical rampages are spurred by power struggles but revenge is, of course, responsible for many of the brutal scenes you'll read about in this list.

Not all of these biblical murders are brutal but some of the more outrageous might make you cringe.

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    Ish-Bosheth, a captain in Saul's army, is killed by his own men, Rekab and Baanah. The two turncoats stab Ish-Bosheth in the stomach while he sleeps to gain the favor of enemy King David. They then cut off Ish-Bosheth's head to take with them on their travels.

    Rekab and Baanah's treachery appalls David so he has them killed. And indeed, the men's fates are dire; after cutting off their hands and feet, David has the men's bodies hung by the pool for all to see (2 Samuel 4: 1-12 NIV).

  • Cain Takes Abel Out To A Field And Kills Him

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    Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve, are both workers of the land. Cain is a farmer and Abel a shepherd before they make reverent offerings to the Lord. Cain becomes jealous and angry when God favors his brother's offering instead of his own. Cain tells his brother to venture "out to the field" with him but instead of bonding, Cain kills his brother on the spot (Genesis 4: 3-7 NIV).

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    Jezebel is the worst influence; she convince her husband, Ahab of Israel, to abandon the Lord and persecute her enemies.

    To punish her, family enemy Jeru plots Jezebel's death. Unaware of Jeru's ill intent, Jezebel dresses in her greatest finery and waits for him at her window. Jeru then orders his men to throw Jezebel out of the very window she watches from and "some of her blood spatter[s] the wall and the horses as they [trample] her underfoot." 

    As if that's not grisly enough, when the murderous men attempt to collect Jezebel's body, they only find her skeletal remains. Her flesh has been devoured by dogs (2 Kings 9: 31-37 NIV).

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    King Pekahia of Israel is slaughtered by his own chief officer. Pekahia's sinful ways spur Pekah to murder after only two years under his reign. The chief officer kills Pekahia in front of many subjects "in the citadel of the royal palace at Samaria." 50 defected guards assist Pekah with the act. 

    Pekah is then crowned but he, too, is assassinated for his sins (2 Kings 15: 23-31 NIV).