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These Are The Worst Murders That Take Place In The Bible

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There are several versions of the Bible and some would argue that it's the most well-read book in the world. Though there are plenty of fallacies in the King James version, there are quite a few little-known and obscure bible facts

Most people know all about Jesus, for example. They know that he was not actually white and that he was crucified. Most people don't know, though, that some biblical stories are much more gruesome; death and killing are actually common bible fodder. Some of the violent biblical rampages are spurred by power struggles but revenge is, of course, responsible for many of the brutal scenes you'll read about in this list.

Not all of these biblical murders are brutal but some of the more outrageous might make you cringe.

  • Holofernes Is Seduced And Decapitated

    Photo: Barthel Beham / WikiMedia Commons

    Nebuchadnezzar sends his general Holofernes to siege Bethulia but the general is seduced by the beautiful Judith who only wants to save her city. Holofernes loves Judith's beauty and it is perhaps his vanity that leads to his ultimate doom.

    After Holofernes drinks himself unconscious, Judith sneaks into his bedchamber, goes to his bedpost, and unsheathes his sword. She then seizes Holofernes by the hair of his head, implores the Lord for strength, and strikes him "twice in the neck as hard as she [can]." The sleeping man's head is severed from the force of the blows. To show the city her success, Judith gives Holofernes's head to her slave who puts it "in the food bag" (Judith 10-13 GNT).

  • Sisera Has A Tent Spike Driven Into His Head

    Photo: Artemisia Gentileschi / WikiMedia Commons

    Sisera ruthlessly commands the Canaanite army under King Jabin but his army has already lost when he finally meets his match in Jael, an enemy's wife. Deceitfully, Jael welcomes Sisera into her home, offering him a warm bed and heavy milk for sustenance.

    Instead of being the sleeping man's lookout, Jael "picks up a tent peg and a hammer and... [drives] the peg through his temple into the ground." Sisera dies instantly (Judges 4: 1-23 NIV).

  • One King's Belly Swallows The Sword That Impales Him

    Photo: Ford, Maddox, Brown Bible / WikiMedia Commons

    King Eglon of Moab is hated by most Israelites for his prolonged oppression so it's unsurprising when they decide to kill him. The Israeli people select Ehud to carry out the assassination. During a meeting with Eglon, Ehud smuggles in a double-edged sword under his cloak, tells the king that God has sent him message, and then plunges his sword into the king's belly.

    King Eglon is so large that the "handle [sinks] in after the blade" and discharges his bowels. Ehud does not pull the sword out so the fat eventually closes over it (Judges 3: 12-24 NIV).