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Chilling Photos of Murder Victims Taken By Their Killers

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For some killers, it isn't enough to take the lives of their victims. Some must capture the moment with a photograph, a memento mori of the sickest variety. In many cases, police departments have released these images of murder, either to assist in the identification of victims, or as a testament to the sheer brutality of these killers' crimes. Here are ten such examples of photos of murder, taken by serial killers and other murderers themselves. Be warned, however: some of the photographs on this list are quite graphic.
  • Photo of Kidnapping Victims Left in Parking Lot

    The girl in this photo is believed to be kidnapping victim Tara Calico, though the boy is as yet unidentified. What's most chilling about this Polaroid is that it was discovered in a parking space minutes after a plain white van left the spot in September 1988.

    Investigators theorize the photograph was taken that very moment, with the boy and girl inside the van, tantalizingly close but so far away from rescue. Whether the victim is indeed Calico or not, the fate of these two is unknown.

  • Judy Ann Dull, Moments Before Her Demise

    Judy Ann Dull, Moments Before Her Demise
    Photo: Public Domain
    Serial killer Harvey Glatman's M.O. involved luring women to his hotel room, pretending to be a photographer looking to pay quick cash for a few snapshots. Once inside the room, he would tie the women up, photograph, and then kill them. Sometimes, the photo shoot did not end after death...
  • Regina Kay Walters, Victim of Robert Ben Rhoades

    Regina Kay Walters, Victim of Robert Ben Rhoades
    Photo: Public Domain
    In late 1989, 14-year-old Regina Kay Walters fell victim to serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades, who drove a semi truck equipped with a torture chamber in the back. The expression of absolute terror and the defensive position of her hands is absolutely chilling. 
  • Unidentified Victims of The Dating Game Killer

    Unidentified Victims of The Dating Game Killer
    Photo: Huntington Beach Police Department
    Rodney Alcala, dubbed the "Dating Game Killer" due to his rather surreal appearance on The Dating Game prior to his arrest, may be responsible for over 200 murders. Police discovered a wealth of photographs of young woman, many of whom have not yet been identified, and who are suspected victims of Alcala.