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These People Found Their Museum Doppelgängers and The Photos Are Truly Uncanny

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You walk into a museum on a peaceful day off, casually browsing the works of the great masters, and suddenly you find yourself staring at your mirror image. Are you flattered or are you terrified? These museum guests found themselves face to face with pictures that eerily resembled themselves, and when they take the same pose the likeness is absolutely uncanny. These encounters are the very definition of finding your doppelgänger, one that existed hundreds of years ago.

The term doppelgänger translates literally to "double goer" and means two of the same people existing at once. Doppels are sometimes heralded as a dangerous omen. There are many myths about twin strangers. In Norse mythology a vision of your doppel is considered a vision or warning about the actions of your future self. In modern times many time travel based stories also handle the tragedy that befalls those who interact with their other selves, just take a look at Rick and Morty.

These pictures of museum doppelgängers will definitely stick with you, but which one is the most haunting? It's your call, vote for the person that found their eeriest twin! Which one of these people has something spooky coming for them?

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    Across Time And Space Both Will Do Leg Day But Not Cardio

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    This Man's Doppel Seems Sad About An Ominous Future

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    This Guy Needs To Stay Away From The Seaside Or Something Tragic Might Happen

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    Who Would Haunt Who?

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