Graveyard Shift

This Museum Of The Occult Will Let You Hold Real Cursed Objects, If You Can Handle It

Most museums have a strict hands off rule when it comes to the artifacts, but that's not the case at the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult. Guests are actually invited to handle the objects in question. However, just because you can touch it doesn't necessarily mean you should. After all, this is a museum with cursed objects. Handling an item could have some spooky consequences. 

From talking paintings to haunted mirrors, the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult has a huge collection of cursed objects that you can touch, including creepy haunted dolls and talking paintings. Visitors have reported visions and sensations while at the museum, and unexplained whispering and other voices have been heard. Is this merely the power of suggestion or an indication the museum is truly haunted? You can decide for yourself by paying a visit to the museum when it rolls into your town. 

  • Those Who Look In The Dark Mirror Experience Horrific Visions

    One of the most talked about artifacts, the dark mirror apparently reflects terrifying images back at guests who dare to stare into it. Guests report seeing images of their own corpse or dark figures lurking in the background. Some guests also report they feel their mouths filling with blood. The dark mirror is so popular, it appears at every event. When not in use, the mirror is locked in a chest and covered with a dark veil.

  • You Can Touch The Planchette From A Cursed Ouija Board

    Donated anonymously, the Black Hen planchette was allegedly used by kids in the famed Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Illinois. Attempting to speak to dead mobsters, the kids were confused when the planchette kept spelling “BLACK HEN.” The board then burst into flames, causing the kids to flee. When the board was retrieved the next day, the owner reported it kept reappearing in her home after she attempted to throw it away.

    In addition to seemingly moving on its own, the board caused other paranormal phenomenon. Household members experienced nosebleeds and the home became infected with flies. Shadowy figures were seen and people felt a general sense of unease. After an exorcism, the board was bound and buried in the backyard. The owner eventually dug up the board and donated it to the museum.

  • The Corrupted Testament Was Used For Years In Exorcisms

    Donated by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous, the Corrupted Testament allegedly belonged to a New York minister and was used in a number of exorcisms and other battles with demons. According to the story, the minister became distraught when he failed to exorcise a demon from a family member. He gave up fighting demons and took to bed until his death.

    What marks did the years of battling demons leave on the minister’s Bible? Prior to being donated, the book’s owners claimed it caused insect infestations, the smell of sulfur, and a general sense of unease for those nearby. Visitors who have touched the Bible have reported dissociative episodes, trembling, and experiencing the sensation of being watched.

  • An Eerie Haunted Doll Can Make Visitors Sick

    A frequent subject of paranormal films, haunted dolls are an almost universally unsettling entity. Ruby is no different. Passed down for generations in one unfortunate family, Ruby’s keepers eventually became fearful of the doll. Her presence in a room caused objects to move mysteriously. Anyone who touched the doll would get a sense of profound sadness and unease, often accompanied by physical symptoms like nausea. 

    Ruby is one of the only items in the museum that actually makes guests feel physically ill. Those who dare to touch Ruby experience some of the same ailments reported by her donors.