Museum Selfies Are A Hilarious New Way To Appreciate Art

Olivia Muus considers herself to be a curator of interesting art but she is, in fact, an exceedingly interesting artist. After attending the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen and taking a picture with a famous piece, Muus realized that she could add a further dimension to all of her favorite artworks. She took a picture of her hand holding a selfie camera in front of certain portraits and the results completely altered the characters' expressions.

When Muus's technique is used on Picasso's various distorted figures, for example, the subjects become introspective and a little less mournful. It's like they're hams for the camera instead of bleak representations of Picasso's interior struggles.

Olivia Muss's work inspired many other culture-lovers to take their own unique selfies and the results might just make you want to visit the museum yourself.