Interesting Fascinating Facts About Mushrooms That'll Blow Your Mind  

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Mushrooms are one of the most fascinating edible things on the planet. It's a bold statement, but how many organisms do you know that are neither plant nor animal? Mushrooms are truly fascinating. Apart from their many health benefits, they taste great on pizza, in salads, on pasta, and just about anywhere you put them. But there are also some mushrooms that will make you hallucinate. That's not something you can say about chicken. There is no chicken, unfortunately, that will make you hallucinate.

You might be wondering, how long have people been tripping on mushrooms? What makes them so healthy? What are the effects of shrooms and how safe are they? What's the deal with that mushroom in Mario? How many types of mushrooms make you trip? Do some really glow? All of this and more is included on this list of mushroom facts.

These are the most fascinating facts you didn't know about our fungi friends, the mushrooms! There are so many crazy things to learn about shrooms. 
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The Mario Mushroom Has Similar Effects in Real Life
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The bright red and white mushrooms from Super Mario Bros., that cause you to grow and shrink in size throughout the game, are real. They're called Amanita Muscaria and not only do they look just like the ones in the game, but they're also slightly poisonous. Not enough to kill you, but enough to cause loss of equilibrium.

If you eat the skin it can make you feel larger, or make the world feel larger. Which is pretty much what they do in the game.

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There Is a Mushroom That Tastes Nearly Identical to Fried Chicken
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There is an entire genus of mushrooms, found all over the world, that tastes like fried chicken. It's even referred to as the "chicken of the woods." It is most commonly found in eastern North America and is bright orange. It sort of look like a tasty piece of fried buffalo chicken.
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Magic Mushrooms Actually Boost Communication Within the Brain
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Researchers theorize that "tripping" is actually experiencing a hyperconnected brain. When you take mushrooms with psilocybin your brain stops communicating normally and communication starts occurring between "brain regions that don't normally talk together."

It is shown to be a great way to change perspective, aid in alleviating depression, and PTSD.

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Magic Mushrooms Are Officially the Safest Drug
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There was recently a study using 19 commonly used substances examining their actual danger to individuals/society. In they study they found that mushrooms were tied for LAST as far as actual danger goes, placing magic mushrooms alongside cannabis as the safest recreational drug.

This puts cannabis and mushrooms well below alcohol (which kills 30-40,000 people a year), and also below many perscription drugs.

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