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music Music Acts who Are the Worst at Illuminuti Bating  

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so what is illuminuting bating? well its the act of using occult or ancient ideas and images to pander to big money or in more cases incest conservatory to people who think there part of a nwo. however this may be just as much from music video directors, pr people, photographers and publicists, agents and corporate heads as it is the acts themselves. feel free to add more acts on this list, I'm missing a ton of them.
however there could be some exceptions made.
for one there a lot of talk about Africa in frank ocean's song so it could be just a tie into Africa.
bassnecter could just be a lover of geometry and the use of shapes this could also be true of vitalic.
owl city can be just plain weird at times.
also i think muse is just a "fight the powers" that be kind of band so its not a shock to go there.
also i think b.o.b. is talking about people being over hyped about the nwo in music, tread.
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album art mostly
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the video for va va voom is a good start
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Owl City

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he calls himself "owl city"
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the whole hova thing and the hand sgin
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