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From the dawn of pop music, duos have been an important part of music history. Famous musical duos from the '50s and '60s actually wrote a lot of songs that would go on to be covered by giant bands, and become radio standards that are still played today. Even now, tracks like “I’ve Got You Babe,” and “Proud Mary” are inescapable. Power trios like Nirvana, and giant musical collectives like Crass or Broken Social Scene may have more visibility or even street cred, but there’s something effortlessly cool about two people locking in and creating great music.

From classic folk bros like Simon & Garfunkel, to the rock explosion of The White Stripes, the two-piece has secretly reigned over popular and indie music for close to sixty years. Call your best friend, or your ex-wife (who you refer to as your sister maybe), and check out this list of the best musical duos.

Whether you prefer rock, hip hop, folk, or electronic music, there’s a duo on this list for you. When putting together a collection of the best musical duos, you have to listen to a lot of music and the musical pairs on this list of the best musical duos rose to the top. As per usual, vote up the duos in music you think are the best, and if there are some better musical duos out there then add them to the list!

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Simon and Garfunkel is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Pop music, Worldbeat, Rock music
Simon & Garfunkel were an American folk rock duo consisting of singer-songwriter Paul Simon and singer Art Garfunkel. They are best known for achieving commercial and critical success in the ...more
Hall & Oates is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Blue-eyed soul, New Wave, Rock music
Daryl Hall and John Oates, known more commonly as Hall & Oates, are an American musical duo from Philadelphia. Daryl Hall is generally the lead vocalist of the pairing, and also plays a wide ...more
John Lennon & Paul McCartney is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Lennon–McCartney is a songwriting partnership between English vocalists John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles. It is one of the best-known and most successful musical collaborations in ...more
The White Stripes is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Blues-rock, Punk blues, Rock music
The White Stripes were an American rock duo, formed in 1997 in Detroit, Michigan. The group consisted of Jack White and Meg White. After releasing several singles and three albums within the ...more
Twenty One Pilots is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Gbi KalibataCity added Synthpop, Pop music, Indietronica
Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo from Columbus, Ohio. The band was formed in 2009 and consists of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. They put out two self-released albums, Twenty One Pilots ...more
Eurythmics is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Synthpop, New Wave, Pop music
Eurythmics are a British music duo consisting of members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. Stewart and Lennox were both previously in the band The Tourists, who split up in 1980; Eurythmics ...more
The Carpenters is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Adult contemporary music, Pop music, Rock music
The Carpenters were an American vocal and instrumental duo consisting of siblings Karen and Richard Carpenter. Together, they produced a distinctively soft musical style, later becoming one of ...more
Tears for Fears is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Synthpop, New Wave, Pop music
Tears for Fears are an English new wave band formed in 1981 by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. Founded after the dissolution of their first band, the mod-influenced Graduate, they were initially ...more
The Everly Brothers is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list The Best Musical Duos
kitsune added Christian music, Rock music, Rockabilly
The Everly Brothers were American country-influenced rock and roll singers, known for steel-string guitar and close harmony singing. Isaac Donald "Don" Everly and Phillip ...more
Daft Punk is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Electronic music, House music, French house
Daft Punk is a French electronic music duo consisting of musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Daft Punk reached significant popularity in the late 1990s house movement in ...more
WHAM! is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list The Best Musical Duos
ColinBoddy added Blue-eyed soul, Synthpop, New Wave
Wham! was an English musical duo formed by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley in the early 1980s. They were briefly known in the United States as Wham! UK due to a naming conflict with an ...more
Outkast is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Alternative hip hop, Dance-pop, Jazz
Outkast was an American hip hop duo formed in 1992, in East Point, Atlanta, Georgia, composed of Atlanta-based rappers André "André 3000" Benjamin and Antwan "Big ...more
Pet Shop Boys is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Synthpop, New Wave, Pop music
Pet Shop Boys are an English electronic pop duo, formed in London in 1981 and consisting of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. Pet Shop Boys have sold more than 50 million records worldwide, and are ...more
Queen & David Bowie is listed (or ranked) 14 on the list The Best Musical Duos
The Black Keys is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Clark Benson added Blues-rock, Punk blues, Rock music
The Black Keys are an American rock duo formed in Akron, Ohio in 2001. The group consists of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. The duo began as an independent act, recording music in basements ...more
Elton John and Bernie Taupin is listed (or ranked) 16 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Sonny & Cher is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Clark Benson added Pop music, Rock music, Folk music
Sonny & Cher were an American pop music duo, actors, singers and entertainers made up of husband-and-wife team Sonny and Cher Bono in the 1960s and 1970s. The couple started their career in ...more
Ike & Tina Turner is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Blues-rock, Pop music, Rock music
Ike & Tina Turner were an American musical duo composed of the husband-and-wife team of Ike Turner and Tina Turner. The duo started as an offshoot splinter act from Ike Turner's Kings of ...more
Jan and Dean is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list The Best Musical Duos
kitsune added Sunshine pop, Rock music, Folk rock
Jan and Dean were an American rock and roll duo consisting of William Jan Berry and Dean Ormsby Torrence. In the early 1960s, they were pioneers of the California Sound and vocal surf music ...more
Roxette is listed (or ranked) 20 on the list The Best Musical Duos
ColinBoddy added Adult contemporary music, Blues-rock, Pop music
Roxette is a Swedish pop rock duo, consisting of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. Formed in 1986, the duo became an international act in the late 1980s, when they released their breakthrough ...more
Brooks & Dunn is listed (or ranked) 21 on the list The Best Musical Duos
KaylaBField added Country
Brooks & Dunn is an American country music duo consisting of Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, both vocalists and songwriters. The duo was founded in 1990 through the suggestion of Tim DuBois. ...more
Soft Cell is listed (or ranked) 22 on the list The Best Musical Duos
TheWelshGuy added Synthpop, New Wave, New Romanticism
Soft Cell are an English synthpop duo who came to prominence in the early 1980s, consisting of vocalist Marc Almond and instrumentalist David Ball. The duo are principally known for their 1981 ...more
Tenacious D is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Rock music, Heavy metal, Acoustic music
Tenacious D is an American comedy rock duo that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1994. Composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Jack Black and lead guitarist and vocalist Kyle Gass, the ...more
Sam & Dave is listed (or ranked) 24 on the list The Best Musical Duos
Southern soul, Rhythm and blues, Rock and roll
Sam & Dave were an American soul and rhythm and blues (R&B) duo who performed together from 1961 through 1981
Captain & Tennille is listed (or ranked) 25 on the list The Best Musical Duos
ColinBoddy added Pop music, Soft rock
Captain & Tennille were American recording artists whose primary success occurred in the 1970s. The husband-and-wife duo were "Captain" Daryl Dragon and Cathryn Antoinette ...more