The Best Musical Duos

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Music groups / pairs of any era and genre that contain only two people.

From the dawn of pop music, duos have been an important part of music history. Famous musical duos from the '50s and '60s actually wrote a lot of songs that would go on to be covered by giant bands, and become radio standards that are still played today. Even now, tracks like “I’ve Got You Babe,” and “Proud Mary” are inescapable. Power trios like Nirvana, and giant musical collectives like Crass or Broken Social Scene may have more visibility or even street cred, but there’s something effortlessly cool about two people locking in and creating great music.

From classic folk bros like Simon & Garfunkel, to the rock explosion of The White Stripes, the two-piece has secretly reigned over popular and indie music for close to sixty years. Call your best friend, sibling, or whoever your better half is, and check out this list of the best musical duos.

Whether you prefer rock, hip hop, folk, or electronic music, there’s a duo on this list for you. When putting together a collection of the best musical duos, you have to listen to a lot of music and the musical pairs on this list of the best musical duos rose to the top. As per usual, vote up the duos in music that you think are the best!

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