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The Types of People You Encounter at Every Music Festival

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Music and summertime seem to go hand in hand; the weather is sweet, the nights are long, and the beer, of course, is constantly flowing. And who wants to watch music without a constant flow of beer? As the summer blares on, you may ask yourself: what on Earth am I gonna do with my last few months of freedom? If you're young and able, the answer may just be to head to every 20-something's idea of paradise: a music festival, of course!

It seems like no matter which music festival you attend, you tend to run into the same types of people. The bros, the hipsters, the mud people, the this-is-the-best-day-of-my-lifeeee! people. Let's be real: people-watching is one of the best things about music festivals. If you've never been, consider this list to be a primer on the characters you will run into at all of upcoming music festivals anywhere that you ever go to. Whether it's Coachella or Lollapalooza, Stagecoach or Governor's Ball, or any of the other best music festivals in 2020, you'll probably catch yourself dancing next to one or all of these music festival types.

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    Faux Hippies Who Bought Their Festival Outfit at Free People

    Wearing a flower crown and a bandeau top does not make you a hippie, no matter how many peace signs you flash.
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    The Instagrammers and Facebookers

    Forget living in the moment, these girls are making #MEMORIES.
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    Teenagers Trying To Get Wasted

    No, I will not buy beer for you.
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    Drunk People Who Fall Asleep Anywhere and Everywhere

    To be fair, this covers pretty much everyone in attendance.
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