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Synthwave Artists to Check Out if You Loved the Stranger Things Score

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The Netflix Original Stranger Things is everywhere right now. Everyone is either watching it, talking about it, theorizing about it, or rocking out to its amazingly 80s soundtrack. But if you just can't get enough of the Synthwave score - composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, otherwise known as S U R V I V E - then you're in luck: 80s throwback music is in, and a lot of really cool musicians are doing some incredible things with the format. Check out these artists to fill that nostalgic 80's sound void. 

From the scary, to the upbeat, to the minimal, to the delightfully cheesy, listening to these tracks will take you right back to 1985. If you're ready to be transported into a world of feel good nostalgia mixed with terrifying suspense, sink your teeth into these totally awesome Synthwave tracks. 

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    If LazerHawk doesn't get your booty moving, your booty must be dead. Their music has all the crunch, all the cheese, and all the kick-ass synth you could ever need. If you like the kind of relentless '80's electro that knocks your skull in, you need to get on LazerHawk, like, yesterday.

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    Irving Force

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    Strap into your turbo-charged Delorean, prime your laser blaster, and cruise through a post-apocalyptic wasteland blasting alien zombie mutants from beyond. Because if you're listening to Irving Force, there is nothing better to do. Seriously, if this track doesn't get you pumped, there is no saving you.

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    John Carpenter

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    Not only is John Carpenter one of the most talented directors ever in horror, he also scored over a dozen of his own films. His minimal synth style and film soundscapes have been praised for decades. John Carpenter's first two solo albums Lost Themes and Lost Themes II are well-received master classes in understated Synthwave. 

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    Cliff Martinez

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    The film Drive was a critical darling, and its score, composed by Cliff Martinez, veritably put the artist on the map. This understated, highly modern Synthwave masterpiece plays with tension and release like it's just another instrument. It's the nostalgia of Stranger Things mixed with modern restraint. 

    Martinez has continued to work frequently with Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn, composing a wonderful '80s horror throwback score for the Suspiria-inspired The Neon Demon.

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