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Toše Proeski is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Music Of Macedonia
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Toše Proeski

Todor "Toše" Proeski was a Macedonian multi-genre singer, songwriter and actor. He was popular across the entire Balkan area and was considered a top act of the local Macedonian music scene. He was dubbed "Elvis Presley of the Balkans" by BBC News. He died in a car crash on Zagreb–Lipovac A3 highway, near Nova Gradiška in Croatia at the age of 26. ...more on Wikipedia

Genres (Music): Pop music, Rock music, Folk music, Music of the Republic of Macedonia, Classical music, + more

Albums: Po tebe, Sinot Božji, Igri Bez Granici, Den Za Nas, Božilak, + more

Nationality: Republic of Macedonia

Career Began: Kruševo, Republic of Macedonia

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Leb i Sol is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Music Of Macedonia
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ensar-preljevic added Leb i Sol

Leb i sol is a Macedonian rock group founded in the 1970s by Vlatko Stefanovski, Bodan Arsovski, Nikola Kokan Dimuševski and Garabet Tavitjan. Tavitjan ceded the drumwork to Dragoljub Đuričić for some of the albums, while Kiril Džajkovski replaced Kokan on Kao Kakao and Putujemo. Beside being the most eminent Macedonian band, they were also one of the most important acts of the former Yugoslav Rock scene. "Leb i sol" is a traditional greeting which literally translates to "bread and salt". It is often used as an expression of spite or determination; e.g. "I will eat bread and salt if I have to, but I will not give in!", but that has nothing to do with the band's name. More commonly, ...more on Wikipedia

Genres (Music): Ethno jazz, Rock music, Jazz fusion, Progressive rock

Albums: Leb i Sol 1 & 2, Najbolje Od, Sledovanje, Rucni Rad & Beskonacno, Devetka, + more

Career Began: Skopje, Yugoslavia

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Vizija is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Music Of Macedonia
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marko_sk added Vizija

Vizija is a Macedonian rock band formed in November 2011 in Skopje, Macedonia. One of the first performances of the band was on "T’k – tak fest 2012“ in Kavadarci, where the band was awarded, and right after that Vizija played on the prestigious festival Taksirat in Skopje. The first performance of the band outside the borders of Macedonia was at Skladiste Fest in Kruscic, Vojvodina, Serbia on 1 June 2013. A few days later Vizija performed on T’k – Tak fest 2013 in Kavadarci, as special guests. One of the biggest successes of the band was the performance on the most prestigious Balkan rock festival, and also the oldest European rock festival – 47. “Gitarijada” – Zajecar in August 2013. ...more on Wikipedia

Genres (Music): Rock music

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Vaska Ilieva

Vaska Ilieva was a Macedonian leading folk singer from Yugoslavia and the Republic of Macedonia. She started her career as a dancer and singer in the State Ensemble Tanec in the early 1950s. Her style of singing and the songs she sang brought her wide popularity throughout Macedonia, the rest of the former Yugoslavia, the Balkans and throughout the worldwide Macedonian diaspora. She was referred to as the "Queen" of traditional Macedonian music. Ilieva was awarded various honours from many European countries and toured Europe the Americas and Australia, where there is a large Macedonian community. Her repertoire of over 800 songs earned her a reputation as one of the most versatile and ...more on Wikipedia

Genres (Music): Music of the Republic of Macedonia

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